Kids today are awesome! They give us hope for the future. Students today are more connected to the world than ever before. They are more accepting of others. They look out for one another. They are more educated. They are hard workers. They are healthier, and yes, kids today are under more pressure than ever before. Through the We Have Found Balance project, we went right to the source, the kids. They spoke and we listened. In We Have Found Balance a great conversation has started. It needs to be listened to, heard ... and continued.
Time Management
Stress & Anxiety
Social Media
Drugs & Alcohol
Planning For Your Future
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For more conversation watch TimelyTALK™ with Steve Baskin & Friends. Join Greg Frigoletto, Bruce Lipton, Lisa Champeau, Steve Baskin and Wayne Highlands students as they discuss: Overtesting, Overparenting and Technology.
Want to learn more about the webinar that inspired "We Have Found Balance"? Interested in strategies on how busy people can balance family life and work life while staying healthy?
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We Have Found Balance™
Date Name Comments
10/15/18Joseph brannenThere should be more upcoming videos of what we can do as schools to make the other district better
10/02/18PeterThis is a good start. Communication is so important in relationships.